Feb 10, 2010

Blue On Blue.

(click on image to enlarge)

It was really hot and sunny outside so I decided to wear this blue kaftan fabric shirts with my high-waisted skirt (doesn't it look like bandage skirt?). I threw on my oversized cardigan just in case the weather changed later in the day. You'll never know.


kirstyb said...

lovely pics x

Ash Fox said...

beautiful. blue is def the color of the season!


FlashFash said...

Thank youuuu! :D

Marjorie said...

sweetest photos :)
love this post
thanks for the sweet comments!

lynnette said...

this is such a great photoset!! :D i love the way you shot different parts of your outfit!! :D pretty necklace you have there!!

the weather's been terrrible lately don't you think! :(

serenissima said...

oh youre a teeny little thing lol. love the cardigan